Junk Removal

$35 per cubic yard*

We offer Full Service Junk Removal
STARTING RATE $35 per cubic yard. Minimum Fee $55
Discount of 15% for curb-side, driveway, or garage (assuming our trailer is within a few steps)
For all  service levels see the chart and the premiums below

TIP:  If you laid a fridge on its back and filled it, that would be approximately 1 cubic yard or 10 regular garbage bags.

Base Rate $35/CuY
Minimum Fee $55
3 Cubic Yards6 Cubic Yards9 Cubic Yards12 Cubic Yards
15% Discount on Curbside, Driveway and Garage Pick Ups
1 Fridge Full or
10 Regular Bags
2 Fridges Full or
25 Regular Bags
5 Fridges Full or
50 Regular Bags
8 Fridges Full or
75 Regular Bags
10 Fridges Full or
100 Regular Bags

*Note: weight is based on average household waste


Construction materials $5/CuY
Loose trash $5/CuY 
Inside the home $5/CuY
Extreme weight such as brick, tile, concrete will be evaluated on a case by case basis